The Bennu Bird

The Bennu Bird is one of the ancient Egyptian deities. It was a being that was associated with the creation of the Earth, and was able to be reborn of its own volition periodically, just like the Sun. Many believe that the Bennu is the inspiration for the later Greek mythical bird, the Phoenix.

One of the official titles of the Bennu Bird is “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”.

At Bennu Ignite, we believe that everybody has the capacity to also be like the Sun: you can recreate yourself according to your dreams if you are able to make them into workable and compelling goals. The reason why most people do not actually do this is because they do not have the skills to get them there, or perhaps they might lack the belief that they are truly able, or even deserving of such an amazing outcome. We are here to help you see that you can, you are worth it and to provide you with the toolkit to help you reinvent yourself.

Bennu Bird from Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia Page on Bennu


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