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If you are on social media then you will be aware of the fitspo (or should I say #fitspo) pictures that are inundating all social media. Everything from professional fitness photo shoots all the way to the unstoppable selfie fills my Instagram, Facebook and the list can go on. So what is the purpose of viewing these pictures?

If it’s a friend then you (hopefully) will feel proud and happy for their progress and will encourage them to keep up the great work. In all other situations where it may be a professional athlete, and in most cases a complete stranger though – then what? Inspiration may be the goal, but is not always the outcome.

Inspiration is something that should make you feel driven to proceed with your goals with energy and purpose. They are not supposed to make you feel disempowered and like you are incapable of achieving your goals. If the words “I wish I could…” or “I never could…” or any spiteful or jealous thoughts come to mind when you look at the fitspo pictures that normally pop up in your feed, then you need to change strategies of how you are consuming this social media.

I have recently had an article published in Oxygen Magazine Australia on this topic and encourage all who find this to be a relevant issue to find a copy. You can get a sneak peek of the first page here.

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Stop the SabotageI really think that if anybody else said some of the horrible things that I’ve said to myself at times I would probably punch them in the teeth. I know that I am not alone here either – so often do we question our own worth, and sometimes even outright tell ourselves that we are not good enough. The horrible thing is that we then listen to this and act accordingly. This may result in not really trying our best because we don’t really believe we can achieve something, and sometimes not even trying in the first place.

Self-doubt is the destroyer of dreams.

This little voice loves to be particularly mean whenever we want to look and feel our best. We are all constantly bombarded with super fit and super thin and hyper sexualised images of men and women in the media that simply are not achievable (especially given that even the models don’t even look like that – thanks Photoshop). This leads to desiring bodies that aren’t even human shaped sometimes, and definitely are not healthy. Match that up with all of this information about how you too can get ripped abs in just 30 minutes, and really what you’re left with is a feeling of serious disempowerment.

We are shown an extreme and told how easy it should be and then reality does not match. We are also then told a whole heap of conflicting information and sold every restrictive diet under the sun. This makes weight loss a particularly popular target for that mean little voice. It might tell you that you’re never going to make it, and it might tell you to just give up. It also has the capacity to really help mess with our relationships with food.

I am very happy to announce that yesterday I was published in a glossy fitness magazine for the first time! My article is about self sabotaging behaviours that can mess with our healthy eating goals and lists a few strategies to help overcome the common issues that arise. In there I challenge a few common things that will help make that voice shut right up.

Grab a copy of the latest edition of Oxygen Magazine to read more!

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Today a very special letter was posted up by Australia’s PT of the Year. It is a dedication to all women on loving their bodies and to cut that #%(*@#$ out with all the body shaming and self-loathing.

Please have a read and I hope that you are able to take it on board. To read, just click HERE

This week I have been posted up as a guest blogger on Sydney based health and well-being blog Move Eat Heal. I have written a short article on the negative effects of extreme dieting, and why they ultimately are bad for you and do not provide long-lasting results.

To read the blog post click HERE

The other day I had a great lunch catch up with a friend who I also consider to be a personal mentor (and mentorship… there’s another important post to put up!) and he pointed out something fascinating to me, and that is the idea that while we are all striving for success, not many of us are actually striving for our own success. Upon thinking about it I realised that this applied to me massively, and a lot of the changes that I have made recently in my life are my shift from running the success of others to starting to run my own.

Like many children of migrants, my parents struggled massively to get to Australia and to be able to survive once established here. We were not well off when I was a little girl, and I remember that it was pretty tough sometimes to make ends meet. Things got better over the years, but I’m very grateful to have those memories, as they really helped me to understand the true cost and value of things. When life is too comfortable then too much can end up being taken for granted, but I digress…

My parents worked like crazy so that I might have the opportunities that they were not given. Parents, family in general, friends and partners want what is best for an individual – the problem is that everyone has a picture in their head of what this “best” involves, and this may not necessarily be congruent with what that individual actually wants or needs out of life. This can be especially difficult to manage as all of this advice and imposition comes from a good place – from the desire for an individual to be their best. However this can lead to confusion for somebody who has not yet figured out what they want to do or be.

To add a bit more complication, societal norms already provide us with a standard path that is viewed as success, which many choose to follow when unsure of what else to do – get educated, get a job, partner, kids etc. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with this at all. I know many people who have done this and are enormously happy. I myself had a whirl at it and jumped off the path about halfway when I realised that it was making me incredibly unhappy, and that is the point that I’m trying to get across.

I am not promoting rebellion, or trying to be different. I think that the only thing that should matter the most is to strive to be your true self, and that can be as conservative or out there as you wish, but it has to come from within rather than being reliant on external validation. There is a very difficult choice when this arises, as striving for your own definition of success is rarely a smooth journey. Often this means dealing with the emotions of disappointing others, but ultimately fulfilment comes from being in congruence with who you truly are, whatever that may be.

As well as Bennu, I also run a personal training business in Sydney’s East. As part of my online work I have started sharing a weekly HIIT circuit challenge completely free, and I would love to invite you all to join in. You can find the business’ Facebook page on author info to the left, or by clicking HERE and every week a new circuit will be posted. Join the page, comment on how you go, and if you have any questions about the completion of the workouts please always ask, I love to share information and get people involved.

Just wanted to share Sarah Wilson’s blog post today from I Quit Sugar – just click HERE

This has been a long-standing rant of mine, but change always takes time, and the whole “saturated fat is the devil” message has been heavily hammered into us for a very long time, so this is unsurprising. It’s great to see more up to date research starting to circulate though.