For the Art of it

April 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Why is the statue of David one of the most iconic sculptures of all time? The symmetry, the proportions and all of the detail throughout sets it apart as a monument of beauty and highest art. I was having a chat with my coach on the weekend, and it was wonderfully rewarding to realise that this is the ultimate motivation behind my competing – art. I am a creative by nature, and this is just another form of expression, and one that also can lead to other art through improved movement.

Sometimes we push ahead with goals and don’t spend too much time really getting to the bottom of the compelling why. Many of my friends had brought this up before – I’m not particularly attached to my figure. I have had many different ones over the years, and have quite enjoyed every phase of it. It’s kind of the ability to be a chameleon that I have enjoyed the most at times in fact. But I find the process of creating a sculpted body incredibly rewarding, but not for the reason that many would expect.

I have a wicked back – I’m ok with saying that because I’m yet to meet somebody who will object to that statement. Similarly, the condition of my legs and butt are nowhere near the same league, and no I’m not digging for compliments, I am simply being frank because when you get up on stage to be assessed from head to toe, you need to be honest with yourself about where you really are at in every single part of your body. I am a normal woman and I have struggled with fat deposits and cellulite on those areas FOREVER.

A quick aside: I believe in being honest, because there is very little benefit you as a reader can get if you cannot relate to me. There is already enough “watch me be awesome on the Internet while you sit at home hating on your body because you can’t achieve this” floating around the Internet. Guess what – chances are that you are not getting the full story, so don’t go body-shaming on yourself. I am normal and real, and I understand how hard it can be sometimes to look at parts of you and not love them so much, but I also understand ways that you can overcome this, not only through physical improvement, but most importantly through cultivating self-love, but I digress…

You can imagine then how rewarding it is to see these areas transform, not to be their possible best yet – far from, and there’s always room for improvement – but the progress has been ENORMOUS in the last few months. To feel each new line appear in the same way as finding a musical ornament that creates an arresting moment, in the same way as sketching a detail that makes the eye pause with momentary wonder. All of this is so much more rewarding – and healthier for your mind – than craving abs/butt/etc. Happiness is not in the having a great body. Happiness is in the life that you choose to lead, and prioritising health of the mind and the body, and the light and free feeling that follows opens endless possibilities. You will be full of energy and crave what nurtures you, and goals that previously felt impossible go into progress.



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