Sharing Interwebz Knowledge – Positive Psychology TED Talk

February 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

I wanted to share this TED talk. I have been spending a lot of time listening to lectures on here as of late. I cannot recommend spending time listening to TED talks enough – inspiration and knowledge across many disciplines free for everybody. It’s a playground of mental stimulation, provided by some of the most incredible minds across the planet.

This talk is on the topic of positive psychology; an emerging area of psychology which focuses on well-being. Rather than being based on the absence of pathology, this area takes health one step further and aims to answer the questions on how somebody could be their absolute best. Now while old research assistant me would have looked at this area with narrowed eyes, I have to say that nowadays living in the land of training and working with people at a much closer distance, I have an increasing fascination and excitement with this area. Here is the link to the talk, and I hope that you find it as exciting as I do:

P.S. This guy is also quite funny – I especially love the statistics jokes, because I’m lame and embrace it 😉


S x


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